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The two types of agents

So you understand the importance of the agent working for the buyer, and not with the buyer, look at the way buyers are treated when buying a new car. The car salesman works with buyers to sell them a new car; however, the salesman works for the car dealer. The car salesman’s fiduciary responsibility is to the car dealer and will strive to get buyers to pay the highest price possible for a car.

Real estate works the same way. Buyers who work directly with the property’s listing agent do no better than car buyers:

  1. Listing Agents market their client’s property. Like the car salesman, they attempt to get the highest price possible for the property listed.
  2. Buyer Agents work for buyers to help them purchase property listed by other agents. Their goal is to get the best possible deal for their buyer clients

Real estate, being considerably more complicated to purchase than cars, requires that buyers always be represented by their own agent.

New homes. Home builders almost always set up model homes staffed with their salespeople. Buying a new home directly from a builder’s agent is akin to buying a car; the agents will naturally be looking out for their employers’ best interest.

Builders factor in marketing expenses on each house. Rarely is there a discount by the builder when buyers purchase without the help of a real estate agent.

Type of help you need. During the early part of our business life we built several hundred custom homes and developed a half dozen subdivisions. We understand residential design, residential construction and house foundations in Texas. We also are familiar with most builders working the DFW area; some do a better job than others not just in the building process, but how they take care of their customers after the sale.

We are also familiar with rural property through most of North Texas and have experience with the Houston and San Antonio markets. Whether you are buying new or existing, we will be happy to provide personal service in your quest for just the right property. Give us a call or send us an email.

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