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We have worked through all the real estate market downturns since the high interest rate disaster of the early 1980s. We sold countless homes when E.A. Hott was foreclosed on over 1,000 houses in Arlington and Fort Worth during the mid 1980s.

Through the rest of the 20th Century we sold a massive number of HUD, VA and Bank owned houses, both working for buyers as well as sellers.

Homeowners in trouble. We counseled and helped many folks save their homes and their credit during tough times over the past 40 years. While we cannot offer legal or financial advice, we have the experience to provide practical and real world advice on buying, selling, renting real estate as well as working with lenders.

New construction. Having built several hundred homes during the 1970s and early 1980s, we have the experience to provide advice and design work on new construction.

Rehab. In addition to new construction, we have vast experience in residential remodeling and offer counseling and design work on any size project.

Bad properties. Keep in mind that there are NO bad properties; there are only real estate challenges.

Texas. Since laws and customs are similar throughout the state, we offer real estate consulting on property throughout Texas.

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